Insta Review: Amina’s Voice by Hena Khan

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‘Whoever did this was looking to send a message of fear, aimed at all Muslims.’ It worked. I’m scared.” From the author of the beautiful picture book Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns comes Amina’s Voice, a book that takes big, scary, adult issues and puts them in the hands of a perfectly relatable fifth grade girl. Shy Amina is dealing with the typical issues of middle school – trying to find herself, wondering how to fit in as she and her friends change, balancing issues at home and at school. Things get even more complicated when her traditional uncle comes to visit from Pakistan and disrupts the balance of her life; and then everything turns upside down when the Mosque where she prays, studies, and spends time with her community is vandalized. Amina’s Voice introduces young readers to the Muslim community in an easy to understand way and helps readers to connect to a new kind of heroine. With Arabic phrases and common Muslim traditions and practices weaved into the text, middle grade readers will learn about Amina’s life and the Muslim community without even realizing it. The purpose of diverse literature is to help students step outside of their comfort zone and get to know something and somebody new, and Amina's Voice nails it. A great book for reading aloud, sharing with kids, and savoring all by yourself. #stabsummerreading

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