Ms. Fitz has Read…February 6, 2018


Happy February! I read 24 books in January, but so far this week, I’ve been stuck on number 26. Here’s hoping that I get out of my slump, because my goal is to reach 40 by Spring break!

So far, I’ve tried to read a wide variety and to try books that I might not normally reach for. Alexander Hamilton was the most outside of my comfort zone, as a nonfiction book without a narrative, and I’m proud that I made it through! Action and adventure stories, like The Trials of Apollo and Capture the Flag, are also not typically in my wheelhouse, but I enjoyed them both. Along with the books that made it on the wall, I have started six books that weren’t a good fit for me (unless I finish them completely, their covers don’t make it up). My favorites so far have been Forever or a Long Long Time, If You Come Softly, Pashmina, If There’s No Tomorrow, and Love, Hate, and Other Filters. Lots of strong young adult titles this month.

The best surprise of the month has been the fun conversations that my reading log has inspired in both students and parents. I love the support that our community shares when I put up a new number, and it’s exciting to see the books that I’ve read and enjoyed get passed around by student readers. Refugee, Nevermoor, and Making Bombs for Hitler are the titles that students have requested the most.

How is your reading going? Have you been keeping track? What should I read next?

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