#STABSummerReading: June 2018

Our community is sharing their summer reading on social media using #stabsummerreading! Follow along on Instagram, Twitter, or on the St. Anne’s-Belfield School Summer Reading page. You can share your #STABSummerReading by posting your book covers, selfies, reviews, recommendations, or just snapshots of you enjoying a good book wherever you might be reading this summer. Post on social media, share with me via email (sfitzhenry@stab.org), or direct message me your #STABSummerReading posts on Instagram (@fitzbetweentheshelves) or Twitter (@fitzbtwnshelves). Your post can be as public or private as you want – just let me know what makes you the most comfortable. The more we post, the more we read!

It has been so much fun receiving your emails, posts, messages, and even letters this summer (yes, I have even received hand-written letters in the mail, and you wouldn’t believe how much it made me smile)! Seeing your snapshots, suggestions, and personal stories has brought so much joy to my summer, and has really inspired me to keep reading and trying new things. I can’t wait to see what is coming in July!

Here are some highlights from June’s #STABSummerReading on Instagram:


And some highlights from Twitter…

What are you #STABSummerReading?





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