Insta Review: Tall Story, by Candy Gourlay

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Tall Story was suggested to me in a librarian thread about stories centered around characters that feel like they just don’t fit in. And it has a double dose of that outsider feeling – American Andi loves basketball but can’t play on her school’s team because she’s a girl; Bernardo has somehow grown to be a baffling 8 FEET TALL, which brings him all kinds of unwanted attention in his small village in the Phillipines. Andi and Bernardo’s seemingly unrelated stories are connected through the bonds of family, hope, and the American dream. Written in two very different voices (half from Andi’s POV and half from Bernardo’s), Tall Story felt a little bit disjointed. Just as Andi and Bernardo are forced together, so are their plotlines, but the story eventually smoothes itself out. This unique story has a lot to draw readers in; themes like feeling like an outsider, sports, medical mystery, religion and folklore, immigration, family, sibling relationships, and assimilating to a new culture. More thoughtful than action-packed, Tall Story will make a good fit for the right middle grade reader. (No library books were harmed in the taking of this photo. Not for Brian’s lack of trying.) #bookreview #brianthecat #nom

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