Insta Review: The Sky is Everywhere, by Jandy Nelson

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If you ever forget how messy and complicated humans are, just check in with author Jandy Nelson; she’s got you covered. We meet Lennon (Lennie) one month after the sudden death of her sister, Bailey. Lennon was weird before: no mother, quirky grandmother, band geek, repetitive reader of Wuthering Heights. But after losing Bailey, she’s pretty much lost it. Food has lost its taste, music has lost its magic, and all of her energy seems to be concentrated on wanting to make out with every boy she sees (because #grief). Unfortunately, this is the exact moment that she collides with two different young men – one who meant everything to her sister, and one who never knew Bailey at all. The old Lennon is gone, and these two possible suitors give her two distinct possibilities of how to move on: live resolutely in the ashes of Bailey’s loss, or move on to a world where she doesn’t exist. Buckle up, because this one is an odd ride… but if you loved Jandy Nelson’s other novel, I’ll Give You the Sun, then you’ll love The Sky is Everywhere. #bookreview #jandynelson

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