Reading Practice

Reading Practice Anchor Chart (Basketball)

Growth mindset isn’t just about math, ya’ll! You’d be amazed how often I hear students say things like, “I’m just not a very good reader.” But even Lebron wasn’t born the best. Becoming a stronger reader is just like becoming a stronger basketball player, swimmer, or runner…it takes hard work and practice!

3rd and 4th grade readers had their first official reading practice of the season this week. Coach Fitz – whistle and all – may be tough, but she gets results 😉 This anchor chart helps set us up for success. We’ll track our stamina and skills all “season” long as we work towards becoming stronger, more confident readers. (Bonus points that Lebron is such a positive role model, and a huge supporter of reading and education…although I did get an earful for featuring him in Cavs gear!)

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