Insta Review: The Selection, by Keira Cass

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I promised to read this one after being prompted approximately 46 million times by my favorite middle schoolers. They pitched it as The Hunger Games meets The Bachelor – AND THEY WERE SO RIGHT. The Selection takes place in a dystopian world somewhere in the future, where the United States as we know it has collapsed and has been replaced by the disjointed and tumultuous country of Illea, split into eight different castes. If you’re lucky enough to be born as a two, you will live a life of comfort and light; born a seven or an eight, and you’ll spend your days starving, freezing, and struggling to survive. America Singer is a five – always cold and a little too thin, but aware of how good she has it. Until she is chosen to be a part of The Selection, a sort of futuristic reality dating show where girls from all over the country compete for the heart of Prince Maxon, heir to the throne of lllea. Will America fall for Maxon, the wealthy and glamorous prince who can offer her everything but knows nothing of where she came from? Or will she fall back into the arms of Aspen, the first love that she left behind in her past life as a five? This is YA drama, romance, and dystopia at its most compulsively readable. Cass draws you in with her characters and adds in so much dizzying indecision that you can never be sure where you stand. America is hardly the kind of strong competent female character that I seem to be endlessly searching for, but at least it’s a fun read. Don’t start the first book of the series unless you’ve got a few days clear, because once you start, you’re in it through the final chapter. #bookreview #theselection

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