Above and Beyond Kindness

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This is what above and beyond kindness looks like. 8th grade library interns organized a secret Halloween goodie exchange to brighten everyone’s busy October, called “Spooky Interns”. When they asked if I’d like to play, I explained that health related dietary restrictions mean that the candy-focused Halloween isn’t really a fun holiday for me, and told them to go ahead and I’d cheer them on and help behind the scenes. But instead of crossing me off the roster, they hand-made a new participation form with added questions about allergies, favorite gifts, and non-food interests so that I could join in. When I got to work this morning, this sweet bundle was waiting on my desk. Even as an adult, there are no words how wonderful this kind of thoughtfulness and inclusion makes me feel. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again – our future is in good hands.

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