Insta Review: Noggin, by John Corey Whaley

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All of the things I love about YA fiction in one intriguing story. How do I explain this? Well, Travis Coates died. And then, he came back. To give you some minor details: his head was, uh, removed and chryogenically frozen until science could catch up enough; five years later, he woke up attached to a donor body. Still Travis, but not Travis at all. Five years isn’t long enough for the world to have dramatically changed, so it feels like things should still be exactly the same. But while Travis woke up still 16 years old, his family, friends, and girlfriend have all been living in his absence. Turns out, five years is longer than you might think. As he struggles to find his footing in this weird mix of old and new, Travis is left to wonder why he was given this second chance – and if he even wants it anymore. I loved every moment of Noggin. It’s thought-provoking and sad, but it will also make you spit out your drink laughing at the right moments. Travis and his cast of characters are so real and relatable, you’ll completely forget that you’re reading a strange type of science fiction. A few bad words, some blatant talk about the donor body, and the dark humor place Noggin in YA territory, but it’s so good, if you think your 6th or 7th reader might be ready, go for it. A must-read. #ireadya #johncoreywhaley #bookreview

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