Insta Review: Posted, by John David Anderson

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In another book full of bumbling, clueless adults, the staff at Branton Middle School takes two fateful steps: Step 1. Ban cell phones because of bullying. Step 2. Sit and hope that cell phones were the root of the problem. (Spoiler alert: They aren’t.) In the aftermath of cell-mageddon, students start getting creative with the ways that they can hurt each other, and a new kind of war begins. Posted is a story about friendship, hormones, social pressure, and self-consciousness; all of the things that make middle school what it is. But it also takes a deeper look into relationships, families, and the masks that we wear to feel comfortable and accepted (and how early we start wearing those masks… ouch). I loved the message of Posted and sped through the first half of the book, but after page 200, it started to drag. It felt like I had to wade through extemporaneous telling to get to the showing. The conversations, action, and events of the book were excellent, but there narrator’s monologues kept disrupting my interest. Interestingly enough, I quit author John David Anderson’s last book, Mrs. Bixby’s Last Day, within the first few chapters for the same reason (that one was widely acclaimed, too, so it must just be me!) Without the extra 160 pages, this would have been a showstopper for me. I’m interested to see what my readers think. #bookreview #middlegradebooks #bookstagram

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