Insta Review: Invisible Emmie, by Terri Libenson

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Emmie’s parents like to joke that she came into the world with a howl that rattled the windows; but somewhere along the way, she lost her voice. An “oops” baby in a family with two older siblings already in college, Emmie is all but silent in her busy parent, middle school-filled world. She doesn’t mind being invisible, but when a poem written for her secret crush lands in the wrong hands, she ends up being anything but. Suddenly Emmie is being noticed, for all the wrong reasons… and she has to learn to deal with the attention. Invisible Emmie is a quick read, and shy readers will love reading about her evolution from shrinking violet to confident and comfortable middle school girl. But the best part about this book is its unique format – half graphic novel and half illustrated chapter book, each page looks different and keeps the reader on their toes. A GREAT graphic novel to use in the classroom to teach the differences between traditional text and graphic novel storytelling (although middle grade boys may not connect with the characters). I’m happy that Emmie will be a slam dunk with young female readers, because she’s a great role model in more ways than one. #bookreview #middlegradebooks #reader #speakup

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