Best of 2018: Instagram

The Fitz Instagram has had a huge year! It was my goal to step up my social media game in 2018, and the crazy growth on Instagram is a sign that things are going well. While I love sharing more formal and planned-out thoughts with you via the blog, Instagram is my go-to for quick everyday snapshots in our school library. It’s the perfect place to showcase the little things that students see, do, and share in the space day-to-day. If you’re not following yet, you’re missing out! According to Top Nine, Fitz Between the Shelves received more than 14.6k likes on Instagram this year.  The top posts of the year surprised me – they’re not what I expected, or necessarily what I would have chosen myself. How funny that the uber-private (and almost completely absent social media) Mr. Fitz makes an appearance in so many of these. You must think he’s just as handsome as I do 😉

Miss any Instagram goodness? Here are the top 9 posts from Fitz Between the Shelves on Instagram in 2018.


Happy New Year, Friends! Looking forward to many more ridiculous photos and connections in 2019.

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