We Did It! 2019 Challenge Celebration


Not only did the Learning Village community meet its goal to read 2,019 books in January, they surpassed it eight days early!

On Wednesday, Jan. 23, Learning Village Librarian invited students to meet for a top secret meeting, which turned into a celebration full of dancing, confetti, cheering, and general excitement and pride in accomplishing the epic goal.

FitzHenry reported that the students alone read 2,060 books, with an additional 90 books being logged by faculty and staff and parents, for a total of 2,150 books in 23 days. She then suggested they continue reading to see how many more books they could log in the final days of January. The students eagerly accepted.

“How amazing to see our whole Learning Village community coming together to reach this BIG goal! I’m so impressed with the dedication, teamwork, and excitement surrounding the challenge this month,” said Fitzhenry. “Working together to reach a goal is a big deal…so of course, we had to celebrate! We may have reached 2,019, but the Challenge is still going – we’re still tallying books to see how high our grand total can go.”

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the challenge this month. Keep reading!

More photos of the celebration are available on the School’s SmugMug.

This article was originally published on stab.org



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