What Do Your Book Displays Say?

Look closely… what do the books on display in your library or classroom tell your readers about your community?

The special books that you choose to feature have the power to speak volumes about your teaching philosophy and classroom culture without speaking a word. I do my best to choose books that act as windows, mirrors, and sliding glass doors for my school community.  It further helps to communicate my teaching philosophy and my hopes for our school library, even when I’m not in the room. As an added bonus, book displays help my readers to find new favorites to read, love, and take home share with their families!

Do you use your book displays and recommendations to welcome readers and send a message?

One thought on “What Do Your Book Displays Say?

  1. We were fortunate enough to have a passionate English as an Additional Language Scholar come to our Library and talk about how important it is to have the classroom and Library filled with a diverse range of voices and languages. It’s so vital we make these spaces welcoming and inviting for our students.


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