Insta Review: They Both Die at the End, by Adam Silvera

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Give this one a chance, pessimists, it’s less depressing than it sounds. Somewhere in the near future, a company called Death-Cast has the technology to know the day that you’re going to die – and they’ll let you know by giving you a polite phone call. Once DeathCast calls, there’s no going back. You’ve got 24 hours (or, most likely, less) to live, so you’d better make it count. Matteo and Rufus both receive the call on the same day, but they don’t know each other… yet. But in the 24 hours they have left, they’re about to collide; and to learn what life is really all about. By creating characters that know their death is looming, but are still very much healthy and young, author Adam Silvera creates a stunningly unique and interesting perspective on life and death. Somehow a touching story of friendship and a suspenseful page-turner all at once, They Both Die at the End will be attractive to a wide audience (especially with author Adam Silvera’s cult following). With cursing, mild sexual content, and some topical references to tough subject matter (drugs, alcohol, violence, foster care, teen pregnancy), I can definitely see why this one is too YA to buy for my shelves, but I can think of some seventh and eighth graders who could handle it. Sad, hopeful, touching, exciting; it would take a very long list of adjectives to describe this one correctly. #bookreview #ireadya #youngadult #yalit #adamsilvera #instabook #reader

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