Runaway Words

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When a student says, “I brought a book from home that’s very special to me – can we share it with the class?” You drop everything and read!

Runaway Words is the story of 6 year old Addi and her quest to understand her nonverbal older brother, Charlie. Charlie used to talk, but a few years ago he “lost his words”. At first Addi is determined to find Charlie’s lost words.. until she realizes that Charlie is still communicating with her in his own special way. Addi and Charlie’s story sparked such great discussions that I asked to borrow the book to share with other classes! The book does not mention autism by name, but many of my big-hearted, curious readers brought it up on their own. They had so many personal connections to share, and it was amazing to watch students answer each other’s questions and lead the discussion. Perfect opportunity to talk about how everyone is different – and that’s what makes the world so wonderful.

 Thank you, Chloe, for sharing this piece of your life with us and teaching us so much!

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