Ms. Fitz has read… April 4, 2019


What is Ms. Fitz reading? Here’s the view from April 4th!

It’s been two months since my last check in, and we’ve officially made it to the overflow wall 🙌  So many recent favorites: Words in Deep Blue, Bad Blood, Illegal, On the Come Up, Quiver, The Benefits of Being an Octopus, Meg Jo Beth and Amy: A Modern Retelling of Little Women, 24 Hours in Nowhere, My Brother’s Husband (Volume 1 & 2), The Night Diary…

But some misses for me too, like Ogre Enchanted, The Summer of Jordi Perez and the Best Burger in Los Angeles, Hero, and about a zillion abandoned prospects.

As the wall grows, so do our awesome conversations about books! Have you read anything great recently?

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