Insta Review: Ramona Blue, by Julie Murphy

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“Life isn’t always written in the stars. Fate is mine to pen. I choose guys. I choose girls. I choose people. But most of all: I choose.” Happy Pride Month! 🏳️‍🌈. . . Ramona is known in her teeny hometown of Eulogy, Missippi, for a few things: including (but not limited to) being more than six feet tall, having bright blue hair, and being one of two lesbians in the tri-County area. As she dreams of escape, Ramona thinks she knows all she needs to about who she is…until a friend from her past walks back into her life and shows her that labels aren’t always set in stone. Ramona Blue is touching without being too sweet, and written so earnestly that you can’t help but sigh at every chapter. Equal parts LGBTQ+ pride and typical teen romance, author @andimjulie (Julie Murphy) clearly states what can be so easily complicated: whatever label you try to put on them, people are people and love is love. Nailed it. Here’s hoping that Ramona Blue’s bravery, thoughtfulness, and willingness to accept change rub off on me and all of her other readers. #pride #lgbtq #weneeddiversebooks #ireadya #youngadult #bookreview #loveislove #juliemurphy #stabsummerreading

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