Fitz’s Faves Jr: H’s review of Penguin Problems, by Jory John


Penguin Problems, by Jory John

I loved the book Penguin Problems because it was so funny. It was about a grumpy penguin who complains about everything, and then is visited by a walrus who tell shim basically to be grateful for what he has, and the penguin does then realize there is a lot to like about his life.

My favorite part was when the grumpy one can’t figure out where his mom and dad are in the giant swarm of penguins as they all look just alike. He goes around saying, “Mom? Mom? Dad? Dad?” and one penguin says “I literally have no idea who you are.” And one says “I’m not your dad. My name is Mortimer.”

Penguin Problems is a great book to read and I highly recommend it!

2 thoughts on “Fitz’s Faves Jr: H’s review of Penguin Problems, by Jory John

  1. Hi! If you like books about penguins I highly recommend the ‘Tacky the Penguin’ books. All the plots are pretty similar but they’re really cute and I loved them when I was a kid. Great review, you should keep on writing them! 🙂


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