Insta Review: Genuine Fraud, by E. Lockhart

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One look at the gorgeous cover of this book will have YA readers smitten. Once they’re inside this newer novel by We Were Liars author E. Lockhart, however, some readers may lose steam. Jule is a stubborn, mysterious, butt-kicking main character on the run from… something. For some reason. As her story unfolds, we get snippets of past events, but the chronology is so complex that if you don’t carefully read and track the timeframes (separated by weeks, or days, but critical to note for understanding), there’s no hope of making sense of it all. Rich and infuriating heiress Imogen is also at the center of the story, and her mysterious death puts a chain of events in motion that creates the plotline of this mystery/thriller. If you’re the kind of person that can put up with 200 pages of “huh?” to get to that moment of “ohhhh!” at the end, then you are likely to enjoy Genuine Fraud. But I never ‘clicked’ with Jule’s character, so I just didn’t care enough – which made waiting around to find out exactly why she was so damaged and aloof and dangerous frustrating for me. I loved We Were Liars, but didn’t connect with Genuine Fraud on the same level. #ireadya #youngadult #yalit #bookreview #bookcover #bookstagram

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