Fitz’s Faves Jr.: E’s review of I Survived the Children’s Blizzard, by Lauren Tarshis


I Survived the Childrens Blizzard, by Lauren Tarshis

I gave this book five stars because a boy named John he was having a hard time as his new school. He tried to be friends with Rex and his gang. And one day they came over to him. They said they found the king rattlers den. And they said they’re going to kill it but then it starts to get chilly they all go home. John’s father warned him it was going a bad winter after some harsh weeks his sister said it was summer because it was thirty degrees.

So they went to school that day but then John saw a big gray cloud. He knew something bad would happen. Then it started snowing. It got stronger and stronger. Everybody had to come in the schoolhouse. But John could not see his little sister so he went back outside.

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