Insta Review: When Dimple Met Rishi, by Sandhya Menon

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One of my favorite YA novels of the year. Dimple is determined to be a successful app designer, and she won’t let anything get in her way of her future at Stanford and as the next reigning queen of the tech world; especially not her traditional mother’s stifling interest in finding her the perfect outfit, eyeliner, and husband. Rishi is a hopeless romantic, stifling his interest in art for a degree in Engineering to make his parents proud. When their parents’ modern-day arranged-marriage scheme causes them to collide at a 6-week web design competition called Insomnia-Con, all kinds of sparks fly. I loved everything about this novel. I loved Dimple’s cranky stubbornness, Rishi’s innocent naivety, and the empowering backdrop of Insomnia-Con. Dimple, Rishi, and their first-generation immigrant parents are incredibly full and lifelike characters, and the story is completely addictive. One zillion bonus points for a heroine who refuses to sacrifice her core values in exchange for a boyfriend, for diverse characters that are more than just stereotypes of their cultures, and for a plot line that allows romance to bloom slowly, realistically, instead of cramming immediate I-love-yous and lusty thoughts into the first 50 pages. Too YA to be purchased for my K-8 library, but I can’t recommend highly enough to high school readers. I’ll be buying a personal copy to re-read and love. #bookreview #ireadya #audiobook #youngadult #whendimplemetrishi #weneeddiversebooks #wereadroo #youngadult #bookstagram

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