#STABSummerReading: 2019 Wrap-Up

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That’s a wrap on summer 2019!

Thanks for another great year of #STABSummerReading! Check out the links below to see highlights from June and July, and keep scrolling for the best of August. Happy first day of school – I can’t wait to see what we’ll read next!

June 2019 | July 2019




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After two years of being sick all the time, Sunny finally has a new heart. With her heart transplant comes the chance to start a New Life, and Sunny has it all planned out: do new and amazing things, find a new best friend, and have an epic first kiss. She just knows that three steps will fix everything, including her old best friend’s betrayal, her wonderings about what it might be like to kiss a girl, and even her mysterious birthmom’s decision to give her up to Kate 8 years ago. Sunny’s new heart is strong and sure, but her New Life isn’t as simple as she’d hoped. Mom from the past suddenly shows up looking to talk, a new girl with beautiful blue hair makes it harder and harder to focus on kissing boys, and everything is mixed up and messy. The Mighty Heart of Sunny St. James is full of sunshine and sand, just like its main character. Sunny’s character has such a realistic and relatable middle school voice, it felt like I was talking to one of my 6th graders about her summer. Sunny takes on big topics – her absentee mother lives with alcoholism, she explores her attraction to boys and girls, and starts to dabble in teen angst and rebellion – but does it with a breezy, summertime feel that felt appropriate for middle grade and up. My favorite part was the honest portrayal of Sunny’s chronic illness, which complicates her life but doesn’t run it. Her cardiomyopathy and heart transplant are just one of the interesting and miraculous things about her. I loved this sweet middle grade novel and can’t wait to share it with readers. #stabsummerreading #bookreview #kidlit #childrensbooks

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Read. Swim. Repeat. 📖 🌊🔄 #stabsummerreading

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Lucy was a normal girl once, but after getting struck by lightning and miraculously surviving, the word ‘normal’ doesn’t exactly fit anymore. The strike left her brain damaged – and the damaged turned her into a math genius 👩🏻‍🏫 But it also gave her obsessive compulsive behaviors that she can’t control. At 12 years old, Lucy’s skills have allowed her to earn her GED, ace her SATs, and start planning for college. There’s only one thing in her way… her Nana, who raised her. According to Nana’s rules, she has to complete at least one year of middle school before she can head to Stanford. As Lucy may be a savant at math, but middle school…? That’s a whole different story. I didn’t expect to fall in love with Lucy, but oh boy, did I. Author @stacymcanulty created such a wonderfully flawed, deep feeling character that the reader is drawn in right from the start. Add in a quirky cast of misfits trying to find their way, and a loving rescue dog with a heartbreaking backstory, and I was a goner. I’m guessing that your reader will be, too. A fabulous book for any reader middle grade and up. Lightning Girl would also make a great classroom or bedtime read aloud, and a perfect tool to work on emotional literacy and empathy building. Fans of Rain, Reign, Counting by 7’s, and Finding Perfect will love this story of an extraordinary mind working through life’s ordinary struggles. #stabsummerreading #bookreview #middlegradebooks #kidlit #childrensbooks #booksforkids #librarian #bookstagram

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