Look Who’s Reading!

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Spot any familiar faces? 👀

When a parent sent me this awesome inspiration photo for a reading display with giant googly eyes, I knew I had to have something like it in the library. One internet search of “giant googly eyes” later, we have ourselves a Look Who’s Reading wall, and I’m looking forward to filling it with passionate readers all school year long! I love displays that showcase student readers and remind students that reading should be fun. With such a strong community of readers, snapping the photos will be no problem – we’ve already got faculty, students, and LV alumni up on the board. I’ll be snapping and adding more student, staff, and family readers as the year goes on. There’s nothing better than catching readers being awesome, and highlighting their hard work!

Want to make your own? Here are the giant googly eyes I found, and we’re shooting our photos with this camera.

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