Ms. Fitz has Read… December 2, 2019


What is Ms. Fitz reading? Here’s the view from December 2!

November was all about audiobooks! With a new Audible subscription, I was able to listen without having to wait – a huge bonus when you have impatient kids waiting to talk to you about what you’re reading. I abandoned more books than I finished this month, and found it hard to connect with a narrative. To be honest, I’m finding my “read books mostly from our library” rule confining and frustrating, but I know the kids are appreciating it.

Of the 18 books I read this month, 11 are available for checkout from our library and 9 were suggested by (or borrowed from) or suggested by students and families.

In November I really loved Laughing at My Nightmare (one of my best of 2019), Birthday (another best of 2019), Look Both Ways, Boss the Bestseller List like JK Rowling, Symptoms of Being Human, Half a World Away, and Maybe He Just Likes You.

Remember that October hope of having more free time to read? Not so much 😉 I’ll try again in December!

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