Quest: How Can We Help the Hunger Crisis?

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There’s a hunger crisis in Charlottesville – how can we help make a difference?

Ms. Monty and I are beyond thrilled to be the faculty mentors supporting student Quest leaders Izzy and Spicer as they dive into that BIG question and so many more:

What is a hunger crisis?
What’s the difference between hunger and food insecurity?
What does a food bank do?
What kind of people use emergency food services, and why?
Why do emergency food service organizations need donations and volunteers?
How does this connect to our school community?
How does a nonprofit work?
What do the nonprofits in our area already do?
Can we make our own nonprofit to fill the gaps?

We are a small but mighty group! Our first meeting took off at full speed, researching local emergency food organizations to learn more about the services available in our area. These guys have BIG PLANS! I can’t wait to see where Spicer and Izzy take us this semester, and what we learn about being human along the way.

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