Welcome to the Once Upon a Tech Podcast!

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Welcome to Once Upon a Tech, the podcast where literacy and technology collide.

Once Upon a Tech: The Literacy Adventures of Ms. Fitz and Miss-Bit is finally here! It has been a labor of love, and our first podcast episode is finally LIVE! 🥳🎉 Made with lots of joy (and mistakes) by me and my favorite partner in crime, Computer Science wizard Kim Wilkens. We made it just for you! And all your nerdy friends.

In this episode, you can take a listen to some news that made our brains explode and hear an interview with Dr. Jennifer Chiu, Associate Professor of Education at the University of Virginia Curry School of Education. We sat with Dr. Chiu and chatted about Engineering Design, education, and…ice cream!

You can also find Chapter One: We Interview an Engineering Design Expert on iTunes, Spotify, Castbox. Follow along on Instagram, Twitter, or stream directly from the Once Upon a Tech website!

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