6th Grade Sentence Starters for Finding Windows and Empathy in Books

Finding windows and mirrors in your reading can be really tricky if you’re still developing and strengthening your empathy muscles. And if you’re in middle school, when your development is screaming at you to focus on other things.

Sixth grade readers put together this list of sentence starters today, to help give readers a push towards empathy if they’re feeling stuck. Here are the sentence starters they created:

  • “I can’t imagine that what __________ would feel like.”
  • “I’ve never experienced anything so __________.”
  • “That has never happened to me.”
  • “It must be hard when __________.”
  • “I have never felt like __________.”
  • “I don’t really understand that perspective.”

Sixth grade experts suggest looking at or talking about your book using one of these, to help you find a window.

Do you study mirrors and windows in literature? What do you use to spark empathy and conversation in your spaces?

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