Resources for Distance Learning

*Most recently updated Monday, 3/23

I’ll keep this short and sweet – schools are closed and parents are left trying to teach their kids, work from home, stay sane, and keep everyone safe. It’s a lot.

There has been an incredible outpouring of resources, from massive corporations and self-published authors alike, but they’re not easy to keep track of. I’ve done my best to compile all of the resources I’ve seen to help teachers and families access them all in one place. I’ll update and add links as resources become available, so please share any that I may have missed!

Many of these resources fall into multiple categories, but I did my best to organize so that they are easy to find. Have fun, stay home, and stay healthy!

Resources for Families

The Basics

Stories and readalouds

Academics and Virtual Field Trips

Art and Interactive Activities

STEM and Tech

Fun Things to Watch

Resources for Teachers


(Banner image via Edmodo.)

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