Morning Meeting: A Daily Podcast for Families

Do you need a little pick me up?

Feeling a little isolated, and looking for a way to connect?

Ms. Fitz and Miss-Bit will be sharing ideas, laughter and creative challenges every Tuesday through Friday with the daily podcast Morning Meeting. Every day for about 15 minutes, we’ll share jokes, riddles, and sift through the resources available online to share the best ones with you. We’ll also share a creative challenge every day, to help make your home learning easier and more fun! (p.s. you can join a challenge and post your creations at any time)

You can find all of our Morning Meeting recordings so far on the Once Upon a Tech website, or stream episodes from wherever you stream your podcasts (like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Castbox, or others). Listen in and then share your take on our daily challenges! We love to see your drawings, adventures, and other wonderful mischief. You can share on our official Once Upon a Tech weekly Padlet (week one, week two), or on Once Upon a Tech social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook).

See you at Morning Meeting!


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