I Used to Be a Teacher

I used to be a teacher.
(That’s going to take some getting used to.)

I’m one of the lucky ones: I had a great experience as an educator in 2020-2021. My unique position didn’t break me; instead, it made me realize just how much I’m capable of. Stepping out of the classroom and into a more administrative role gave me the chance to fall in love with supporting teachers from behind the scenes. And this shift in perspective opened me up to a totally different kind of challenge. Enter: Fate, stage left.

Today is my first day as the Learning and Community Manager at the coolest educational technology company (I look forward to sharing more once I have my feet under me a little bit). Bringing computer science into my lessons and sharing that magic with kids was one of the most challenging and thrilling parts of my teaching career. I had some incredible help along the way, and I can’t wait to play that robot fairy godmother role for others. 🤖🪄✨

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