Friday Photo: Halloween All October Long!


It’s past October 1st, which can only  mean one thing: In the hearts of elementary school students everywhere, Halloween is practically here! To make sure that all of our students can enjoy our spooky and exciting Halloween collection, we have two holiday-themed displays this year. The top photo of our Friday Photo collage shows some of the Halloween titles that would be best for younger readers. These fun, exciting, and sometimes funny books would be the perfect choice for any ghosts and gouls in pre-school, kindergarten, or first grade. The bottom photo shows our spooky display in the fiction section, which showcases more advanced options for some of our older students. Reader beware – these books about ghosts, spiders, and vampires are sure to have you checking under the bed for monsters! Something tells me these two shelves will see a lot of traffic over the next few weeks!

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