Everyone Is Talking About: Goddess Girls!

Welcome to Everyone is Talking About, a new feature on the Johnson Elementary School Learning Leopard Library blog that features books and series that students just can’t stop talking about! Check out our Everyone is Talking About posts to learn more about some of the most commonly checked-out, requested, and reviewed books in the Learning Leopard Library.

This week, Everyone is Talking About Goddess Girls, a fiction series by Joan Holub. Third grade student Ryan says, “I am very into Greek mythology, and the Goddess Girls books are all about Greek mythology. The books are fun and great for girls who want to learn more about Greek mythology.” Ryan goes on to explain that although she has read almost all of our non-fiction books on the subject, these books are great because they mix facts and fiction, letting you get to know the personalities of the goddesses. “My favorite thing about the books are how the characters are always very curious and excited,” she said.

You can find the Goddess Girls books in the What’s New at the Johnson Elementary School Library? display, located in the fiction section. A special thank you goes to Ryan for her help!

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