Friday Photo: A Very Special Debut!

Friday Photo: Fall Festival Decorations

For the past few weeks, Johnson Elementary School students have been helping me with a top secret library decoration project to unveil at the Fall Festival. Families that walk to school or use the playground may have seen a sneak peek of this special project! Unfortunately, due to stormy weather, the Fall Festival had to be moved indoors…which means no one got to see our art project! I promised the students that I would share it on the blog for everyone to see.

Students in grades pre-k-3 each decorated a paper balloon with their name and their very favorite thing about the Johnson Elementary School Library. Many students chose favorite stories, activities, songs, or lessons, some chose to draw pictures or feature books, and others even drew me! The result is a beautiful collage of all of the wonderful things that the Johnson Elementary School Learning Leopard Library brings to the school community. The students were so excited to have this opportunity to share with their friends, families, and community members the things that make our unique library so very special.

Please stop by to see our larger-than-life art project sometime soon! I did my best to capture it in photos, but to appreciate all of the hard work that the students did, you really have to see it in person! The display was specially designed to be viewed from the outside, so you can check it out any time. Take a moment to look through the reasons that Johnson Elementary School students love their library. I promise that you will leave with a great big smile!

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