Friday Photo: Spotlight on iPods


The Johnson Elementary School Library is home to a lot more than just great books – it is also one of the main hubs for technology and innovation throughout the school. The library and its offices are home to many different types of tech equipment, and teachers stop by often to check out toolkits and gear for their newest, most exciting lessons. I work closely with Johnson’s Instructional Technology Resource Teacher, Mr. Jones, to help Johnson’s staff to get the most out of all of the incredible technology we have available to us.

Recently, our spotlight has been on Johnson’s available catalog of iPods. Our library has both 2nd and 3rd generation iPods available for checkout, and each set includes a multitude of educational games, apps, videos, and audio playlists. Although each iPod is cataloged for individual checkout, most teachers choose to check them out in Toolboxes like the one shown above. Our Toolboxes come in mini and regular size, and can hold anywhere between 8 and 19 iPods.

Johnson teachers are incredible innovators and work hard to integrate technology into everyday life in their classrooms. Have your students told you about any of their technology-enriched lessons recently?

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