Student Book Review: Anna’s Review of the Bone series, by Jeff Smith


by Jeff Smith

My book is about Bone. The characters are Thorn, Phon, Bone, Smiley, Grama Ben, Phony, a dragon, and that’s all. And it’s about Bone people on an adventure and each adventure ends at the beginning of a chapter. The setting is outside and sometimes in a house or farm house.

I love this series so you’re going to like it too I bet. Second and first and third and fourth grade will love it, so if you have time go to the library and find it. It’s an awesome book series by Jeff Smith and true fact, the Bone series has sold over 1 million books in the series! And that means everyone loves it so it means you’ll like it. Just try it out okay. It’s awesome. So next time you go to the library don’t just wander off into fiction land or non-fiction. Go to the graphic novel section and look for Bone and start reading right away, and you’ll say “She was right I love this series! I’m going to read the whole series!”

And remember, do it in order even if someone checked it out already. Just get it next time you go the library and if it’s still not there, look next time. Try to read the whole series and try it out and if you go in order it will make more sense. So don’t start with the 4th book or the 9th, start with the first and it will make way more sense. You’ll be on a track and you’re going farther and farther and I have not finished the series yet. I am reading book #4 and it’s great. The ones I read before are great too. So when you go to school in the morning, go to the library and look for them. But don’t go without permission to get a book without your teacher knowing. Then she won’t know if you’re coming to school!

So ask your teacher. I hope she says yes and you can get book #1 and book #2 before everyone else. You don’t want them taking it before you! And you’re lucky if you can get book #1 and #2. Remember, don’t start with #4 or #5 or any other one than #1. Otherwise, the story won’t make any sense to you. Read it! Bye!

This book review was written by Johnson Elementary School student Anna. Anna is in the third grade.

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