Everyone is Talking About: Bone!

Welcome to Everyone is Talking About, a new feature on the Johnson Elementary School Learning Leopard Library blog that features books and series that students just can’t stop talking about! Check out our Everyone is Talking About posts to learn more about some of the most commonly checked-out, requested, and reviewed books in the Learning Leopard Library.

This week, Everyone is Talking About the Bone series, another series from our new Graphic Novel section. You might recognize the Bone series from Anna’s recent book review, which you can read here! The Bone series takes us into the exciting and sometimes scary world of the Bone cousins. Fone Bone, Phoney Bone, and Smiley Bone leave their hometown of Boneville for a conquest of epic proportions. On their route to saving the world, the Bone cousins meet dragons, royalty, and all sorts of other hilarious and terrifying creatures. The series, which has been highly acclaimed by resources like the American Library Association and the School Library Journal book review (as well as millions of readers!), has been a huge hit since it was first introduced to the Johnson Elementary School Library last month.

Carver, a 3rd grade student at Johnson and a regular in the Learning Leopard Library, says the Bone books are some of his favorites. Carver has read the whole series and loves the made up, funny creatures that Smith included in the books. “I love the books because they have long pages, which means you can learn more,” he says. “My favorite book is number nine. It’s the funniest one. It’s really good.” Carver says that he would suggest the book to his friends. “I would suggest it because its funny, but kind of sad at the same time. If you like long books, this would be a good one for you.”

When I asked Carver to describe the Bone series in one word, he impressed me with his answer. “Surprising! You never know what’s coming next.”

If you’d like to learn more about Jeff Smith and the surprising world of the Bone books, visit the Bone page on Scholastic.com here. You can find the Bone books in the Johnson Library’s Graphic Novel section, marked with their own shelf marker. A special thank you goes to Carver for his help!

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