Friday Photo: Collaboration

Friday Photo: Collaboration

One of the biggest and most important jobs that I have as the librarian for the Johnson Elementary School Learning Leopard Library is collaborating with Johnson teachers. The library collection, facilities, and other library materials are an integral part of Johnson’s curriculum, instruction, and overall success.

When students aren’t visiting the Learning Leopard Library for their scheduled library time or for extra checkout, I am hard at work alongside teachers providing support and extension materials relating to curriculum content for every grade. First graders studying biographies of historical figures for Presidents’ Day? Got it! Fourth graders need extra materials for their solar system project? Absolutely! Second graders can’t get enough of Sacajawea? No problem! The library collection has been carefully cultivated over the years to both support and extend curriculum for every grade level, every achievement level, and any extra bit of curiosity. I am working hard to continue this tradition of supplying materials that are educational, exciting, and high interest for students and teachers.

Along with supporting and extending school-wide curriculum, I also try to create displays based on current needs and interests in the building. These displays include pop culture events, calendar holidays, school-wide events, and curriculum topics being covered throughout the building. For example, when third grade began their ever-popular Greek mythology unit, the fiction section was filled with mythology displays, non-fiction texts, reference tools, and fiction novels based around Greek characters and story lines. Library displays are an excellent way to provide both intervention and extension opportunities for students through independent reading and activity. They are also an incredible tool for piquing student interest and allowing a students to explore deeper into their favorite subjects – or future favorite subjects!

After speaking with Amanda Stevens, Johnson’s fabulous math specialist, about current curriculum in math, we put our heads together to create a display of fun and exciting math books. These titles range from number games like Wumbers, by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, to engaging and colorful depictions of mathematical fundamentals like Greg Tang’s Math-terpieces and Andrew Clements’ A Million Dots. We hope that these titles will inspire students to not only review and practice their math skills, but also to pique student curiosity about math and related concepts.

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