Read Across America: The Foot Book Thursday Update

Finally, a full day of school! With Read Across America week already more than halfway over, I was excited to have an on-time start this morning and a full day to celebrate with Johnson students. Today, we are celebrating Dr. Seuss’ classic The Foot Book, in the best way we know how – with a Spirit Day! I invited students to wear their wackiest and most mismatched shoes and socks today to show off their funky feet. I’ve never seen so many different socks in my life… rainbows, pockets, toe-socks, sandals, boots, even some slippers!

Funky socks and sassy shoes to celebrate The Foot Book

If foot spirit isn’t enough to impress you, then hold on to your socks – our 3,000 Book Challenge is in full swing, and Johnson students really want that dance party! Together, we have read over 2,100 books so far. Below you can see our score, filled in on a chart that required a few last minute emergency edits 🙂

The updated chart showing our progress in the 3,000 Book Challenge

With only 900 books to go, I am getting my speakers warmed up for our victory party! If every Johnson student reads at least THREE books at home tonight, we will be up and over our total of 3,000. I am so proud of the Johnson community for rising to meet this challenge, even with our snowy difficulties! Regardless of the result tomorrow afternoon, Johnson staff and students should be so proud of the amazing number of books they have read.

Don’t forget about our final Spirit Day tomorrow! We will be celebrating one of Dr. Seuss’ most famous books of all time, Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Students are invited to come to school dressed as what they want to be when they grow up. Will you be a doctor? A basketball player? A computer programmer? Or maybe a farmer? I can’t wait to see The Places Johnson Students Will Go with the inspiration from this fabulous Seuss story.

Good luck tonight, and happy reading – I hope to see everyone dancing at the victory party tomorrow afternoon!

Miss Messham

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