Read Across America – Estimation Winners!

Last week, Mrs. Stevens and I shared a video with you to help prepare students for our One Fish, Two Fish, Three Fish, Four Fish – Can you Estimate to make these YOUR Fish? activity. If you didn’t get a chance to watch, check the video out here! Thanks to our snow days last week, the game was extended through Tuesday afternoon to give each class a chance to guess.

Two fish bowls placed on the circulation desk featured candy fish hiding amongst an underwater scene. Students had to use their best estimating skills to guess how many fish were in each bowl, with only one clue – one bowl was filled with UNDER 100 fish, and the other (even trickier!) bowl featured OVER 100.


Each bowl was labeled with a number and a color, and students were each provided one yellow and one white piece of paper to write their guesses on. Each class was given time to study the bowls – with only their eyes, no touching! – before writing down their guesses and putting them in the answer box.



Mrs. Stevens and I went through the answers together, and were so impressed with some of the estimates! Especially jaw-dropping were our younger students’ guesses. With a little bit of help writing names and numbers, we had many kindergarteners very close on the bowl featuring under 100 fish! Unfortunately, only our closest guesses could be named the winners.

Congratulations to Richard and Margaret, who tied with the closest guesses for bowl #1! This bowl had 94 fish swimming in it, and both of these fourth grade students estimated an incredibly close 92.

Another congratulations to Derrick, who was our winner for bowl #2! This tricky bowl had 372 fish hiding inside, and fourth-grader Derrick estimated 356. Second place winner Briana was close with a guess of 306. Mrs. Stevens is very proud of her fourth graders this week!

Great job to all of our students for practicing their estimating skills, making some awesome guesses, and being so happy for the student winners. I’ve already had requests for what we should estimate next year. Some students want to see us estimate elephants in honor of Horton… I’ll have to see what I can do about that šŸ˜‰


– Miss Messham

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