Have you ever dreamed about watching your favorite Johnson teacher do something silly? Maybe even…kiss a pig? If so, keep reading, because your life is about to get a lot more interesting.

Next week, the fourth grade family at Johnson is teaming up with the Learning Leopard Library and myself to bring you a brand new library fundraiser called KISS THE PIG! Here are all the details you need to know to get in on this exciting opportunity to buy new materials for the Johnson Library – and have some fun in the process!

Starting Monday morning, March 17, a Kiss the Pig table will be set up in the lobby of Johnson Elementary outside of the office. Each Johnson staff member participating in our Kiss the Pig fundraiser will have a jar with their name on it on the table. The jars will look something like this.

DSC00373DSC00374Before and after school each day, students and parents can put a donation, however large or small, into the jar that belongs to the person that they most want to see Kiss the Pig. (Jars will be kept in the library during the day in case students choose to make a donation during their library class time.) At the end of the two week period, all of the jars will be counted, and the staff member that has the most money in their jar will have to KISS THE PIG!

Every donation, no matter how small, counts. Extra pennies in your couch cushions? Drop them in Mr. Stern’s jar! Find a dollar in your pocket? I bet Ms. Rickabaugh’s jar could use it! Change leftover from last night’s grocery store run? Ms. Thompson’s jar is looking a little bit empty! Remember – donate your money to the jar of the teacher you’d most like to see smooch that swine on Friday, March 28th! Every single penny of the funds raised will be put towards buying new resources for the library. Just think – your spare change could become a set of brand new books for our collection!

This fundraiser was dreamed of, designed, built, and will be run by the fourth grade family at Johnson. Every last detail has been put together with care and all in the name of good fun – and good books!

Our fourth grade students are so excited about the Kiss the Pig fundraiser that they put together a commercial to share with the Johnson community. They wrote and performed the entire commercial, including the music!

Enjoy, feel free to share, and I’ll see you in the lobby next week… oink, oink!

– Miss Messham

PS – Yes, I have a jar too. Time to put my money where my mouth is…
but hopefully not on a pig! 😉

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