Today’s Friday Photo features the aftermath of two days of checkout: an almost deserted Graphic Novel section! Many students told me that Johnson’s growing collection of these image-heavy texts was one of the things they missed most over the summer. Graphic Novels are unique to any other kind of book: engaging both reluctant and passionate readers of both genders and all ages, they tell stories in a completely new way. These texts aren’t always accepted easily by teachers and parents, but they are amazing reading tools for so many reasons. To learn more about graphic novels and why they are great texts for reading in the classroom, at home, and everywhere in between, check out last year’s Learning Leopard Library Blog post, Graphic Novels Have Arrived!

Last year, our Graphic Novel section was pushed back into the corner of the fiction section, with only a few shelves to house the series and standalone books. By expanding the section into these tall bookshelves right by the circulation desk, I am providing the blossoming section with room to grow and change, as well as giving more room and supervision to one of the library’s busiest sections. Plus, it’s fun to see how empty these shelves get after a full day of checkout! Almost all of these shelves were full to the brim when I arrived on Thursday morning!

Stop by the library to check out our ever growing and changing collection, including the brand new Graphic Novel section up by the circulation desk. Or just come in to chat about how awesome graphic novels are!

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