Friday Photos – September 15-19


A first grade class collects leaves, sticks, rocks and other pieces of nature after sharing Lois Elhert’s fall story, Leaf Man.


A first grade class sorts their nature findings into piles by color, size, and shape. Next, we practiced our math skills by counting piles and doing some leaf addition. Finally, we created our own Leaf Men and watched them travel on the wind. Lois Elhert would be proud!


A fourth grade class practices their typing skills during their scheduled library class. All third and fourth grade students are participating in a Keyboarding Boot Camp during library class – this course will teach them how to touch type, keeping their fingers on the home row keys. By the end of our typing time, students should be faster, more confident keyboardists!

-1This week’s Golden Shelf Award winners pose with their prize. Way to go, fourth graders! Who will be next week’s winner?!

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