Hey! Where’d my Friday blog posts go?!

You may have noticed that the Learning Leopard Library blog has been quieter than usual recently. Less blog posts, less photos, less student input. This bittersweet change is the result of a busy and bustling library, growing and changing with the students of Johnson Elementary School.

This year, the library schedule changed dramatically. Along with an increased number of classes to serve, each class is receiving more instructional time and an additional class period for checkout. Students are still visiting every morning and afternoon for individual checkout, and classes are still visiting the library for their scheduled one or two classes per week to learn about information literacy and fall in love with literature.

Along with in-house library changes, my role in the school is also shifting. This year I will be spending more time in the classroom, collaborating and co-teaching with Johnson’s cast of all-star educators. I will expand my role as the technology contact of the school, working even more closely with Johnson’s Instructional Technology Resource Teacher to bring more technology into the classroom for more creativity, more innovation, and more “WOW!”. And I will also spend more time with the Charlottesville City Schools team of incredible School Library Media Specialists, creating a cutting-edge, top-of-the-line information literacy curriculum to be used throughout the district.

These changes have been amazing for instruction and for circulation – but they have been tough on time management! Time that was once spent snapping photos and drafting blog posts is now spent moving throughout the school, bringing the library and its resources into the classroom as often as possible. Because of the new shape that the Johnson Elementary School Library is taking this year, blog posts might not go up every week. I will do my best to share the stories and activities that your students are experiencing, the amazing work they are creating, and the photos that showcase all of the effort and heart of Johnson’s best and brightest. But if I fall behind, please be patient! It’s because I’m out and about in the school (probably with an armful of books), helping your students to fall in love with literature.

Thank you for your support – you are a BIG part of what makes the Learning Leopard Library great!

– Miss Messham

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