This Week in Photos: 9/29-10/3


Three year old pre-school students took a walk outside this week, and had the difficult job of choosing just ONE leaf to bring back inside! After reading the book I Am a Leaf, by Jean Marzollo, we put our scientist hats on to study leaves up close. We wanted to answer the following questions:

  • Is my leaf big or small?
  • Is my leaf yellow, brown, red, or green?
  • Is my leaf pointy or round?


After graphing our leaves, students added them to our class tree. Here they are posing as they work!

Our class tree is off to a good start, but it needs help from some more pre-school friends before it will be complete.


Miss Becky works with her pre-school students to take notes on their leaf observations. We observed things like the color, size, shape, and texture of our leaves.



First grade students work independently on leaf drawings and observations.



Fourth graders continue their hard work on Dance Mat Typing. So far we have mastered the home row plus the G and H keys. Next week, we’ll move on to adding the upper row!







Johnson fourth grade classes lounge on their carpet squares with their recent check-outs during their class’ designated checkout time. These fourth grade classes earned the privilege through good behavior, responsibility, and leadership. They certainly made themselves comfortable!

Look at the number of students that were spotted ROARing in September! I am so proud of all of these leopard leaders. Keep up the great work!

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