The truth about graphic novels

Ashley FitzGerald, Johnson’s incredible instructional coach, sent me this video on why graphic novels are worthwhile reading materials for our students. Although graphic novels have been embraced in many schools worldwide, some teachers and parents still struggle to see a “comic book” as a legitimate choice for growing readers.

“We are realizing more and more that kids read differently,” says Christine Payne, the librarian at Waters Middle School and the video’s featured speaker. “In the world that they’re living in, a lot of information is coming to them visually. So kids respond to the graphic novels really well with the visual illustrations as well as the text, words and pictures. They’re able to access the information in a different way, and it’s much easier for them to understand.”

Payne makes another great argument in support of graphic novels, one that might appease teachers and parents lamenting the loss of interest in quality, classical literature. “It’s kind of a cool thing, because they are retaking all of the classics and remaking them as graphic novels. They’re getting the same story, the same information, the same vocabulary and language, but now you’re getting it in a different format.”

Watch the above video to find out even more about why teachers, librarians, and parents around the world are welcoming graphic novels onto their bookshelves.

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