DonorsChoose: Johnson’s Book It Program needs your help!

You’ve read about it on the blog, you’ve heard about it from your student, maybe you’ve even started tracking and coloring towards reaching your child’s reading goals. It’s official – you’re a part of Johnson’s brand new Book It incentive. Congratulations, and welcome! We’re glad you’re here! Today, I’m going to tell you about an opportunity to be an even bigger, more integral part of helping the Johnson team make Book It a huge success. Keep reading to find out more about how you can help Johnson students to become better readers.

In case you haven’t heard,¬†Johnson kiddos are reading their way to free pizza with Pizza Hut’s Book It program. Each grade level has a specific, developmentally appropriate literacy goal to work towards each week. Every month, when students reach these goals by practicing their reading skills both in- and outside of school, they earn a coupon for a FREE personal pan pizza courtesy of Pizza Hut. Free pizza, just for reading! This coupon provides a great opportunity for families to spend an evening out together celebrating students’ accomplishments and discussing the importance of literacy.

But being the book nerds that we are, the Johnson family wants to offer these budding readers an opportunity to earn more than just a free pizza. We are hoping to setup a lottery run through the library, to offer a free book to a few lucky students when they reach their Book It goals. However, to make this dream a reality, we need some help from you.

Using the incredible services offered through DonorsChoose, we have setup a project called Help Our Students Fall in Love with Reading! Please visit our DonorsChoose page to read all about the project and to find out how YOU can help to get brand new, high interest books into the hands of hard working Johnson students.

Please consider donating to our project, sharing the page to spread the word, or even just taking a moment to read about our program. DonorsChoose believes in our project so much that Help Our Students Fall in Love with Reading has been chosen to be a part of the organization’s Spark Match program! This means that if you donate by October 18th and enter the word SPARK on the payment page, will match your donation dollar for dollar, up to $100. That’s double the dollars to support reading at Johnson Elementary!

Read about our project, make a donation, share the page, help our kids. Every little bit counts.

Click here to Help Our Students Fall in Love with Reading, thanks to DonorsChoose!

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