October’s BookIt! Raffle Winners

This morning, the winners of our October BookIt Raffle were chosen! The numbers for our first official month of BookIt were impressive – 98 students reached their goals. That means that I had 98 tickets to choose from when I pulled my winners… but Johnson students were feelin’ lucky and excited this morning.

A BIG congratulations goes to Unique, Andy, Hannah, Alexis, and Htaw Yan for winning our October BookIt Raffle! These students chose their prize in the library this morning – a brand new, high-interest book! Our winners were lucky enough to choose from the amazing selection provided by the generous donors from our DonorsChoose project. From Elephant and Pigge to Cinderella, World Records to Wrestling Facts, and everything in between – we had some VERY excited winners.








Congratulations to each and everyone one of our students that reached their BookIt goal. You should be so proud of all of your hard work! Next month, five more winners will be chosen, and I’ll have five more great big smiles to post to the blog.

Thank you to our DonorsChoose donors, and congratulations to our first ever BookIt Raffle winners!

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