Student Book Review: Lowell’s review of The Graveyard Book, by Neil Gaiman

The Graveyard Book

by Neil Gaiman

Hello! This is a book review. I’m telling this from Scarlet’s point of view. Starting now.

I live in a town with my parents. It’s so boring until I meet a boy. Yeah he is weird sometimes but he’s okay. He can walk through walls. He talks to thin air. My parents tell me he is imagery. I go down into this place with him and get scared. There’s this half man thing pops up.Then  voices whisper. Bod tells me that they’re not real. My parents are really worried and don’t let me come back. They say were going back to scotland.I tell my parents I won’t go with them unless they I’m aloud to go to the graveyard again.When I went I told and then had to go.We went to Glasgow.

My parents split up there and my mom took me back here.I couldn’t even remember things here. I am on a bus not heading home.I go up to the driver and ask if he would take me home. He just drops me there telling me that there is a bus stop close. I look up and see a slightly open iron gate. I meet a man there because that gate seemed familiar.The man drops me off at my house.My mom makes plans to have him over an saturday. I go to sleep and have a dream about Bod and remember a lot. The week pastes and I look for a murder Bod wants to know about. I take Bod to Mr.Frost’s house. He is bad. Bod hides me in the sleer’s house. Mr. Frost puts a knife to my throat but Bod saves. But he did it like a monster.Bod is a monster.A nice man takes me home.I don’t really remember what I just said. I move back to Glasgow.(This is an inference because of the last page in the Graveyard book) I meet a boy later in life.

This is my life story. This is Scarlets life story.

This student book review was written by Lowell, a Johnson Elementary School student, and shared with the library via Google Docs. Lowell drafted and typed the book review independently. Lowell is in the fourth grade.

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