This Week in Photos: 2/2-2/6

DSC01588 DSC01590 DSC01592Third graders continued their work with the almanac this week, finishing up their Almanac Scavenger hunts. Students finishing early got to wear a pair of Helper Beads and volunteer to answer questions for classmates that needed a little bit of extra help. The almanac isn’t the first reference tool that we’ve mastered this year – we’ve already spent some serious time with the dictionary and thesaurus. Still to go? We’ve got to get to know the atlas and the encyclopedia soon!

DSC01597 DSC01594 DSC01593Students from all grades enjoy free time for independent reading or “Read to Self time” in the library. This looks and sounds different for every student and every class – I have really enjoyed getting to know the sights and sounds of all Johnson students becoming stronger readers!

DSC01607 DSC01603 DSC01614 DSC01602 DSC01599 DSC01615Did you know that Johnson hosts a number of fitness and exercise-related clubs after school? While Girls on the Run is for the ladies only, Let’s Move! Club welcomes all third and fourth graders – as long as they’re willing to dance! Fourth grade teacher Mrs. Rickabaugh and first grade teacher Mrs. Bahn co-host this fun and fast-paced class that is sure to get students heart-rates up and make them smile. Hit songs are choreographed with zumba and dance moves so that students are constantly dancing, jumping, moving, and laughing! Keep an eye out for special celebrity teacher and administrator guests like Miss Belgiovini and yours truly, groovin’ along with Johnson students!

DSC01621 DSC01620

Almost 60 students completed their Book It logs in the month of January! Even more impressive? More than HALF of those students were in Kindergarten! Way to go, Johnson kindergartners! Although 60 students is impressive, we still have a LONG way to go with our Book It goals. We are hoping to get 100 students to reach their Book It goals in the month of February – an EXTRA challenge due to the shorter month! In the photos above, January’s winners choose their brand new literature prizes from the books purchased by our DonorsChoose project. Congratulations to our January winners!

Get started on those February logs, Leopard Leaders! I hope to see YOUR name in February’s raffle!

– Miss Messham

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